For the Fiscal Year Ending May 31, 2016

Cash Receipts totaled $310,522 and Cash Disbursements totaled $288,096, leaving a positive net cash flow for the fiscal year of $22,427 and an ending cash balance of $184, 965.  The positive net cash flow position for the fiscal year was largely due to the net income from the SHCA’s rental income from the parking lot on Front Street.

We collected $73,458 in membership dues this fiscal year. This is comparable in amount to dues collected  last year.

The Society Hill Reporter generated $54,502 in advertising revenue, and $55,473 in expenses, leaving a small operating deficit for the fiscal year.

Society Hill is holding restricted funds of $16,889 for projects that SHCA sponsors, including Fix the Brix, the Franklin Lights, Sidewalk Cleaning and Graffiti removal, and Tree Tending.

Also, the Society Hill Preservation Foundation is holding $248,144 of fund balances, the majority of which is restricted to the maintenance and beautification of Washington Square ($206,587), but also includes funds for the  defense against the Fifth Street Development ($42,022).


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