Fix The Brix

Since September 2009, 160 households have taken advantage of SHCA’s generous subsidy program to have front sidewalks leveled to prevent pedestrian mishaps. Current members can receive a reimbursement of up to 40% of the total invoice for amounts up to $400, and non-members can receive up to 40% of the total for amounts up to $300. If interested, here’s how to start:

  • Take a photo of your problem sidewalk and email it to Administrator Matt DeJulio, attention Martha Levine, at
  • Contact one or more masons or arborists to give you an estimate. Need a list of masons or tree experts? We can provide neighbor-recommended contractors to work with you.
  • After the work is done, make a copy of your paid bill, and send the original invoice, a copy of your cancelled check, and an “after” photo to: SHCA, P.O. Box 63503, Philadelphia, PA 19147.

You’ll receive a subsidy check within a few weeks.

Chair: Martha Levine

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