1. Four Quadrants. There shall be four districts (hereafter Quadrants), a Northeast Quadrant, a Southwest Quadrant, a Southeast Quadrant and a Northwest Quadrant, which shall be created by establishing (a) a line from north to south down the middle of Fourth Street, and (b) a line from east to west down the middle of Spruce Street. The Board by a 75% vote of those present may adjust boundary lines and may add districts. Each quadrant shall have three quadrant directors on the Board of Directors.
  2. Nomination of Quadrant Directors. Members to fill positions as quadrant directors may be nominated by petition signed by at least ten regular members from within their respective quadrants. Persons may also be nominated for such positions by the Nominating and Elections Committee as set forth in Article VIII.
  3. Quadrant Director Elections. One person from each quadrant shall be elected as a quadrant Director each year at the annual election by regular members of that quadrant for a term of three years or until a successor is elected, such term beginning on the first day of June following such election.
  4. Vacancies. If a vacancy occurs in the office of any quadrant director, a regular member residing in such Quadrant shall, following timely recommendation of the Nominating and Elections Committee, be elected by the Board to serve until the next annual election meeting at which time the regular members of that quadrant shall elect a successor

B. Dues.

Dues shall be as determined by the Board of Directors. Dues will be waived automatically upon application to the Treasurer by any person who states that to pay dues would be a hardship. Upon payment of dues, or receipt by the Treasurer of such a request for waiver, an eligible person or business shall become a regular, associate or business member. Dues shall relate to the period May 1 through April 30 of each year. The Treasurer shall send bills for dues to existing members by March 1 of each year. Reminder notices shall be sent by April 15 of each year and if dues are not paid, or waivers requested, by such members prior to May 1, they shall be dropped from membership as of such May 1.

C. Voting.

Each regular member shall be entitled to one vote at all elections and meetings except that only persons eligible for regular membership who have paid dues, or filed appropriate waivers, by the preceding March 31st shall be entitled to vote at the next annual meeting held after such date.

D. Membership Meetings and Elections.

The annual meeting and election of officers and directors shall be held during the second or third full week of May of each year. The annual election need not be held in connection with a membership meeting. All meetings and elections of members shall be held within the community described in Article II after 7 p.m., but need not be held at the registered office of the Association. There shall be at least two regular meetings of members in the first calendar quarter, one regular meeting of members in the second calendar quarter, and one regular meeting of members in the fourth calendar quarter. Special meetings of the members may be called at any time by the President, the Board, or not fewer than 25% of the regular members.