B. Chairperson.

The President shall recommend a regular member to chair each Standing Committee, subject to approval of the Board. If the Board does not approve the nominee, then the President shall nominate another Chairperson, and so on, until Board approval is granted. Any vacancies shall be filled in the same manner. The chairperson of a Standing Committee shall serve a one year term through the end of the Fiscal year (i.e. through May 31), but shall continue to serve until reappointed or until a successor has been confirmed. A Chairperson may serve consecutive terms without limitation. A committee chair who is not a member of the Board shall be eligible to vote on any matter which is within that committee’s purview. Where there are co-chairs of such committee, only one may vote (unless the other chair is a member of the Board, in which case both may vote).

C. Committee Members.

Membership on each Standing Committee shall be determined in accordance with guidelines prepared by each committee and approved by the Board.

D. Meetings, Procedures and Authority.

  1. Quorum. Committee action shall require a quorum of 1/2 of its members.
  2. Conduct of Meetings. Meetings of Committees are open to all Association members and to any other invitees, at the Chair’s discretion. To the extent practicable, notice of a meeting should be given to all interested participants and should be posted on the Association’s website. The Chair of the Committee should permit reasonable participation or comments by any Association member, whether or not a member of the Committee. The Chair of a Committee shall have the discretion to maintain orderly proceedings and to run portions of any meeting in “executive session,” limiting attendance to committee members, directors and invitees, at the Chair’s prerogative.
  3. Authority. All committees, task forces, programs, or individuals may take actions consistent with the power expressly delegated to them by the Board. Committees, task forces, programs or individuals otherwise may not take actions on behalf of the Association with respect (1) to matters which would reasonably be foreseen to be of significant interest to the Association, or (2) to matters which would foreseeably require the expenditure of Association funds in excess of $500 (or, with the prior approval of the President, in excess of $1,000). In such circumstances, there must be a recommendation to the Board, and the Board may approve or reject or take such other action as it deems appropriate. The Board retains its right to review any decision or action taken by a committee, task force, program or individual.

Article VIII: Nominating and Elections Committee

A. Composition.

The Nominating and Elections Committee shall be appointed by January 10th of each year, and shall serve until a successor committee is appointed. The committee shall be composed of (a) the quadrant director in each of the four quadrants who is serving the second year of his or her term, and (b) three regular members appointed by the President and approved by the Board. One or more of the three presidential appointments may be a quadrant director completing the third year of his or her term if such person does not seek to be nominated for any other position. The President shall appoint one of the members of the committee as its chair.