Artwork Specifications

Designed, ready to print ads may be submitted as PDF, EPS, or JPEG files.

For PDF files, choose to Embed All Fonts and make Font Subsets. If the ad includes a photo, choose to make a Grayscale Bitmap Image with low compression, sampled at 300 dpi.

For EPS files, convert all of the type to outlines so that you do not need to send the fonts to us.

For JPEG file, make a 300 dpi file that will print nice and sharp, not all stair-steppy like the files made for web use that are 72 dpi files.

If you must send us a ready to print ad in Word, please let us know what typeface you are using so we know whether the file is opening with the correct typeface. Photos should be high resolution 300 dpi files.

If we are to design the ad, there is an additional charge of $50. (This amount must be included in your ad payment.) The copy for ads to be designed may be submitted as a Word document or email text.

E-mail ad artwork, ad copy, or questions to


We must receive your check and materials approximately four weeks before publication. Make check payable to: Society Hill Civic Association.  Put “Reporter Ad” on the memo line.

Or once you’ve reserved your ad space, you can come back to this page and make your ad payment using PayPal or a Credit Card.

Send check and materials (if not emailed to to:

Matt DeJulio
Society Hill Civic Association
P.O. Box 63503
Philadelphia, PA 19147