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SHCA increases subsidy for Dead Tree Removal

Take advantage of new tree subsidy program. Help keep our streets looking great and protect our environment.

Our streets are lined with many beautiful, mature trees. Unfortunately, some of those trees have reached the end of their life.
SHCA has now increased subsidies for removal  ($500 for members; $400 non-members up to a max of $500.  Also, new this year, a subsidy of 50% ($300 max for members; $200 non-members) for residents who hire an arborist to prune their trees.

It is important to know that while the City of Philadelphia has jurisdiction over street trees, the trees belong to the property owner, who are responsible for keeping them healthy.  That said, the Deparment of  Parks and Recreation Tree Management Office must give permission before street trees can be pruned or have any work done on them. Individuals other than arborists or Tree Tenders cannot do this work.  Tree tenders are neighbors who have tree-care training with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

50% of cost subsidy (up to $500 max for members; $400 max non-members)