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Motorcycle Mayhem

We have been involved in a full court press to deal with this dangerous situation. SHCA has repeatedly asked the City to return Spruce Street to allowing only one way traffic eastbound between Front and Columbus Blvd. as was the case before 2016.  Over 40 emails from SH residents supporting the request were sent to Councilman Squilla and Michael Carroll, Deputy Managing Director for Philadelphia's Office of Transportation and Infrastructure. 

We have been in constant contact with police who are blocking traffic from entering South Street and monitoring the effect on surrounding streets.  See emails below.  We participated in a meeting of presidents of all civic organizations and the director of the South Street Headhouse District to discuss how to deal with South Street traffic. 

We will be asking area civic organizations to join us to make a coordinated effort to provide relief from the situation that could include installation of  speed cushions or other traffic calming measures..

This is just a brief summary and a few examples of how we have been making continuing efforts to address this problem.  To see some of these communications. YOUR EMAILS CALLING ATTENTION TO THIS PROBLEM ARE IMPORTANT SUPPORT

Pursuant to a resolution by Councilmember Alan Domb, On October 7, the Public Safety Committee of Philadelphia City Council held a public hearing for 2 ½ hours discussing and hearing witnesses, including ATV riders,  about the problem of ATV’s and dirt bikes menacing our streets.  All of our complaints were well expressed, not just by people in Center City, but from others in in Fairmount and elsewhere.  The hearing focused on enforcement and the need for understanding that these vehicles are part of a culture—not just a Black culture -- that needs to be understood and redirected in ways that allow it to operate without endangering the public.  There was a consensus that a public-private partnership would ideally create an ATV park that would attract riders away from city streets.  But there was agreement that such a result would involve a long process and not have an significant short term impact.  This leaves us in the near term to pursue effective traffic calming measures.  The testimony was that rumble strips, for example, are not effective.  We will continue to work for measures that are. To watch a recording of the hearing, click here.